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1. noun:A philosophy student, generally used to refer to ones who are particularly obnoxious and/or drunk
2. adj: to be completely screwed because you started your philosophy assignment too late.
1. Billy: Let's go out to the bar for a drink!
Chuck: No way, all the philosofucks will be there getting wasted and questioning the existence of a chair!

2. Man I am so philosofucked! I have to write twenty pages tonight or I will fail epistemology and lose my assistantship.
by playdoh6677 November 17, 2008
One who spews their pathetic philosophy in a pretentious manor.
When Marvin said, "Well, if you just sit here and do nothing, you're guaranteed to fail," Jimmy responded, "thanks for the news, philosofuck!"
by Cleer Mynd March 25, 2012
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