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"The City of Brotherly Love," where we eat, breathe, and live Eagles. This is the city that cheered Michael Irvin breaking his neck at "The Vet" or the city that brought freedom to America with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Whether it is clogging our arties with cheesesteaks or stuffing our face with the best food in America, we are "The City of Brotherly Love." We don't care about what other people think about Philly. You can diss our city or call us the worst fans in America, but that is because you're just jealous of our city and our passion for sports.
Rocky, Allen Iverson, and Donovan McNabb are what makes Philadelphia the best city in the world. Even when the odds are against them, they give it their all. That is all we ask of our athletes.
by Joe Santoro October 06, 2005
A spectacularly beautiful, spectacularly mismanaged city whose high point came in the 18th century when it was the center of the American revolution's planning and execution. Having fostered the creation of the modern world, Philadelphia retired from the scene. The nickname Philly,' the 'blue-collar' sobriquiet, the cheesesteaks-and-scrapple rep, the sports losers mythology - all dross, all amusements for a frivolous era. Philadelphia is an old, serene snake coiled atop her rocky Main Line, an ambitionless city with old blood, old sins and old soul.
What outsiders never understand is that Philadelphia doesn't care. NYC's enormity, DC's power, Boston's ego, LA's glitter, Chicago's brawn - Philadelphia just doesn't care about any of it. She is the ultimate insider town.
by Callowhill November 02, 2005
a very diverse city. home to the avenue of the arts, "smokin" joe frazier,cheesesteaks,philadelphia eagles, indepence park, rocky balboa, and the boxing capital of the universe.
it may have its bad parts but all in all philly is a unique and special place. "Ey,YO!"
by kool kid March 31, 2005
Philadelphia. The city that causes hysteria within outsiders because they will never understand. The city that brings up controversy among others because once again, they will never understand. The city that is so well-known and amazing in every aspect of the word that brings the attention of "haters" to discriminate upon us because of their jealousy of our awesomeness.

The city that does not care what yuppies from other parts of our country have to say.

We are the city made up of cultural diversity and unity. We are the city made up of neighborhoods and struggle. We are the strongest among the United States...and nobody will ever change that.

We are Philadelphia.
"That girl is very down to earth and outgoing."

"Oh, yes she's from Philadelphia."
by Krissy J. May 22, 2006
Phillies, Sixers, Eagles, Flyers, Phantoms, Wings, Kicks, Soul, also home to the Athletics 1901-1954, CHEESESTEAKS, tastycakes, soft pretzels, water ice<3
What'd you like most about Philadelphia?

everythingg. the water ice, cheesesteaks, and sports.
by Cecilia B. Westville April 29, 2006
Philadelphia is one of the best cities in the USA. I am from Somerton in the Northeast section. It is the home of the Philadelphia eagles one of the best teams out there. and to the person who said he got beat up by the african americans, its your fault you got beat because you were stupid enough to tell someone from Philadelphia that you were from North Carolina. And to all those pricks who was talkin shit bout Philly have prolly never been there and even if they have they were only in the ghettos almost every important city has a ghetto so its no just Philadelphia.
Philly is a kickass city. The Eagles will definatly shoulda won the superbowl.
by John Farway June 21, 2005
The City that the Brothers Love.

William Penn's Greene Countrie Towne. Philadelphia is an old, odd collection of neighborhoods. Many residents have never left their ZIP code. In fact, some of them don't even know about ZIP codes. TBH, I lived in Manayunk for 14 years and loved it. Lived in West Philly for three and it was fab.

Serviced by a good transit system if you know how to read a map. In general laid out well. Driving is an art, however this is due to people on the roads who aren't city dwellers. The city dwellers drive fine.

Some of the best restaurants on the East Coast. Fresh food everywhere. No need to eat in - cheap good food is all around you.

Best place I can think of to have home base if you have to travel a lot for work. You can leave your house unlocked for years in some 'hoods and your neighbors will watch out for you. Of course, they also know who you are sleeping with, but hey, it's a rowhouse!

Philadelphians shop at the Ac-a-me.
Did we just eat dinner in someone's living room?
Yes, what did you expect? Caesar's Palace? It's a restaurant, not a damn casino.

Can you let me off in downtown Philadelphia?
Sure, which train station?
by atomicalex April 19, 2006