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sortoff in maidstone, kent
apparently it has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in europe
lol @ parkwood tis full of council accomidation (explaining the stats)
by lol@theworld May 19, 2007
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adj- sucks ; sucky ;poor condition
vrb- to suck ie stop parkwooding
s*** parkwood is the worst
by parkwood is gay April 13, 2004
Parkwood (bitch ass kids) - the sweetest neighborhood in phily. Fox chase owns parkwood. Fox chase beat the shit out of the bitch ass niggas from parkwood till they bitched that it was squashed... FC ALL DAY.
Ex. Parkwood tried to roll on 4 FC kids wit more then 20 dudes and got fucked up. They talk shit and cant back it up. Fox chase dicks on Parkwood daily.

Synonyms. bitches, pussys, faggots, sweet ass kids, neighborhood owned by fox chase,
by Fox Chase October 04, 2009

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