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When you finger a chick, moving your fingers back and forth inside her, like a swimmer's legs.
Phelps me like you owe me money!

I phelpsed her so hard, bro!

Mallard of the Thick is like phelpsing my eardrums.
by ChazBono December 24, 2012

To smoke some pot, especially out of a bong.
When I go phelpsing, I make sure I have nothing important to do afterwards, because I'd be too high!
by Adam Dolch February 06, 2009

1. To smoke herbs in preparation for a competitive event or in celebration of the victory of a competitive event
"Hey guys I'm Phelpsing right now I will be ready for the match in a few minutes."

"Bro, that was an amazing match, I am going to be Phelpsing with the good stuff tonight!"
by Hardluck December 25, 2012
to Phelps

Getting super H and go swimming in a pool.

Guy 1: Have you seen Chad?

Guy 2: Ya, after he took all those pictures of himself ripping that steam roller he's been doing laps at the Y.

Guy 1: Man that guy's all about Phelpsing.

Guy 2: I can't believe you used that word you tool.
by lodge_man69 February 14, 2009
the act of vigorously training in the water. Including swimming drills, laps, or any water activity of high intensity.
Ben: "Hey Joe, are you coming tonight to play some pong?"

Joe: "Nah bro, I'll probably be too tired after phelpsing."
by diamond legacy March 29, 2009
To reach maximum greatness, to be the best anything ever, achieving 8 gold medal
I saw you out there your phelpsing the shit out if this event
by Hoppeman August 16, 2008
The act of either eating a lot or exercising a lot.
I just got done phelpsing, I just had 8 eggs, 5 pieces of toast, and half a pound of sausage.


John was phelpsing for 4 hours, he practically lived in the gym today.
by DanOOOOOOO September 22, 2008