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While expected to take a picture, a phater will instead shoot a video, and allow their victim to pose endlessly while the victim believes the picture has yet to be taken. The victim may stupidly change their pose several times, before realizing that something is amiss and that no photo is being taken. By then, it is too late as the entire damage has been captured on video and can be used for the phater's usually-ill intents. Since modern digital cameras are fast, you may be a victim of phating if it takes someone longer than five second to take the picture of you. phater: a combination of "photo" and "hater."
after more than 5 seconds waiting for a picture to be taken, "dude, are you phating me?"

"Don't be a phater!".
by LocoJorge August 17, 2014
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A person who hates platypuses. Comes from the shortening of the term "platypus hater".
Ross is a phater. He hates Puggles the platypus.
by mrxak February 10, 2005

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