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Phantasy Star was an excellent series that started on the Sega Master System, has exploded in popularity when the Phantasy Star Online series came out recently. Some people, including myself, thought the old "true" RPGs (offline) of the series such as Phantasy Star 4, were far superior to the current online games.
"Phantasy Star 4 is the best console RPG ever."
by Some guy March 26, 2004
A popular series of games made by Sega. The most well known of this series is Phantasy Star Online. The majority of the series appears on the Sega Genesis.
Phantasy Star 4 is the best RPG ever made.
by Alys August 23, 2003
A game for sega master system with annoying 3d dungeons and never tells you what you're suppose to do. Barely has plot and character development. Still, the characters are pretty cool, even though there's about 8 screens of dialog with them
Noah and Myau in Phantasy Star are guys

Alis wants to avenge her dead brother Nero

Odin sounds badass, but he's really a typical tank
by KaiserBasara November 08, 2005
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