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A popular series of games made by Sega. The most well known of this series is Phantasy Star Online. The majority of the series appears on the Sega Genesis.
Phantasy Star 4 is the best RPG ever made.
by Alys August 23, 2003
taking a stance against the american version of universal stupidity.
by not supporting the patriot act, one of the most unamerican policies ever, one engages in anti-americanism.
by alys March 06, 2004
Short for troglodyte. One of a generally small group of people, not really interested on having friendly social interactions with ones outside their group, or on being a part of a "cool" clique. Sometimes they can get into small fights with social groups of "jocks". Sometimes can feel futher alienated by their own trying not to fit into a popular group, and resent their more popular peers.
The "trogs" generally aren't on good terms with "jocks", or any other groups thought to be better then others.
by alys August 06, 2004
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