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The sense of panic created by the suspected loss of one's phone, prompting the frisking of one's own body in a frantic attempt to locate said phone. Particularly common amongst men wearing cargo shorts with too many pockets.
"Dude, I was out last night having a great time until I had this massive phanic attack. I checked all eleven of my shorts pockets, until I realised it was on the table in front of me!"
by dingolingo April 26, 2014
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That moment of sheer terror when you realize your phone is missing or broken beyond repair. Usually occurs in your workplace or in public. you begin to hyperventilate and your eyes are literally popping out of your head looking in every direction at the same time.
When she got up from her bleacher seat to get another beer, she went into a full blown phanic until she realized it was in her back pocket.
by WaterfrontRealtor September 19, 2014

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