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Verb: To translate; Taking extremely offensive language and translating it into a socially acceptable (PC) version of said language.
Pre-translation: Hey Assfucker, gimme the watch or I'll skull-fuck your granny!
Post-translation: Excuse me good sir, what is the time?

Pre-translation: So I was saying to my hoe, "bitch, get off of your hairy goat ass and go get me some mutha-fuckin corn flakes"
Post-translation: So I was saying to Molly, "Honey, would you get me some cereal?"

Pre-Translation: So I was fucking my girls mom, when in walks her brother, takes off his pants and lays his dick on my shoulder.
Post-Translation: Yeah...umm...this hits too close to home... I'll pass on this...
by August 30, 2004

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