Playa Fuk Up

Another way of sayin "Shut Up"
Dood1: "Im Goin to tha mall tonight"
Dood2: "PFU, u said ur goin clubbin, how come i aint invited?"
by Farid January 19, 2004
Top Definition
stands for pretty fucking ugly
you see that girl over there... shes pfu
by john henry the 3rd September 06, 2006
Pretty Fucked Up - when something or someone is totally messed up.
Text: dude did u c Joey's face after he fell off the bar?
Reply: yeah man, he was pfu

Anna: Jody got so wasted at the party last night didn't she?
Bree: She was pfu. I heard she pissed in the pool.

Lindsay Lohan. Period.
by BluAngel June 14, 2010
Please follow up.
PFU on the request that we just received from our customer.
by anrink June 21, 2013

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