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A message board/online forum abbreviation for "Posting for Later"
Oh, shit! I don't have time to read this before work! PFL!
by lynn February 12, 2008
Pussy For Lunch.

In the Lil Wayne Song, I'm not a human being.

This isn't talking about a cat.
Ahhh, pussy for lunch (PFL).....

Listen to song: I'm not a Human Being, By Lil Wayne.
by Besties<3 January 07, 2011
A term abbreviated for Prick for Life.

See Prick for Life for further clarification
Guy 1: Dayum that Kyle is such a silly pfl!
Guy 2: What he do this time?
Guy 1: He dumped his spankin' hot girlfriend to go hook up with Adam's mom!
Guy 2: Dang...prick for life!
by rice4lyfeinda415 July 24, 2009
Code used by ladies to describe the act of sexual accomplishment by having a PASH, FUCK and LEAVE.
Jane : what did u get up to last night
Bec : i did a PFL on this hot dude in the club
Jane : U go girl


Jane : man all i feel like is a PFL, stuff relationships!
by Hektik Bektik January 18, 2009
The strange button on a sound board that virtually does nothing except make some awkward green lights appear
Kristina: dude, wtf does this button do?
Marin: I don't know, so let's click it.
Kristina: LOOK! LIGHTS!
Marin: nicee, but it's Pfl.
by Techie101 January 07, 2012
Pretty fucking late. This is what you say to your friends when you're at a party, wasted, wanting to go home.
Person A: d00d, it's pfl, we should go home

Person B: word
by sandstorm810 August 21, 2011
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