When someone asks you how you are, its the standard reply when you are annoyed/angry/upset/etc and don't want to tell them, or don't want to explain why.
Jim: How are you?
John: pfft, you?
by weirdo February 05, 2005
acronym for "Pretty Fair F**king Trade"
Jim: I took your socks for a staple.
Jill: pfft!
by mamali2 December 09, 2007
First use:
Noun: A quif or pussy-fart.
Second use:
Expression: Said to a person/persons if you really do not agree with or believe that the question/topic/answer/etc. is stupid or lower than supposed to be or dumb.
Josh: I got $5!
Nick: Pfft!
Josh: Whats "pfft"?
Nick: The thing you get form time to time.
Josh: Oh...
by Nick M. A. K. December 16, 2006
Something you use to impress a girl you like. You say or type pfft over and over and soon they succumb to you and then they will be your love slave.
me: "pfft". Them: "OMG I love you!"
by BlaineH May 04, 2007
Poly-Fragrance Fusion Threat.
An acronym coined by one funny GQ writer to describe someone who uses 3 and more, colonge brands all at once.
I know a word, though, that describes the contrary. Colonge fatigue, is a situation where one always uses the same colonge or scent, over and over! .
'sock' it to them, man!..pfft!!
by hytham_hammer July 11, 2005
What you would say when a girl trys to tick you off, but fails misribly at it.
Girl: If you want me, you'll have to go through my new bodyguard
Boy: Pfft, I could take him.
by Flame060 March 28, 2005
The sound when you fart, or the sound that you writte down when drawing butts on peoples papers.

*pfft* Sorry guys.....
by Me=Immature December 21, 2005
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