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1) Practically synonomous to a scoff. Used to express a feeling of superiority/indifference

2) An exclamation signaling you do not believe what the other person has told you.
1. Person1: I am Miley Cyrus.
Person2: Pfft. And I am the easter bunny.

2. Person1: Oh yea? Well I'm 10
Person2: Pfft. I'm 13.
by Dipwad October 17, 2008
A teenage-girl term used to describe someone rather low on social rankings who believes they are extremely cool.
"Suzy Q. is such a Makasalaboff she thinks she's soo cool."
by Dipwad October 17, 2008
A term used (often by teen age girls) to describe one who is generally thought to be annoying.
TeenageGirl1: Omg, Suzie Q. won't leave me alone! She's soo annoying.

TeenageGirl2: She's such a chez long!!
by Dipwad October 17, 2008
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