an expression of dismissal, rejection of a statement or idea.
usually combined with a sigh or exhaust of breath.
Girl: "i put my word 'Pompadour' on Urban Dictionary because i thought it meant idiot"

Boy: "pfft"
by thebrowncow May 31, 2011
He / she doesn't know.

Pfft... pfffft... he doesn't know.
by wasi July 01, 2009
the act of perforating fast flounderingly and tantalisingly
i should pfft that balloon
by Spookas July 30, 2011
1. To express love for someone but in denial to admit it
2. Pet name for love one
A : Do you love me?
B : Pfft.
by yelomelo October 06, 2010
When a person needs to express an emotion but does not know what to say they say "PFFT"
Pfft ?!?!?! beeyoch pfft pfft pft pfft pfft ?!?!?!?!?!
by prezz January 11, 2008
The unshaven stringy pubic hair of a Chinese prostitute
"Damn, that chicks vag is all pfft and got stuck in my teeth"
by MiniHorse June 04, 2009
1. Used in disagreement
2. Joe's word.
Pfft, you are too a hooker.
by Joe LePage October 09, 2006
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