pff exclamation of agreement/disagreement.
Example of Disagreement:
Bill - I can fuck that hot chick!
Fred - pff!

Example of Agreement/as good as done:
Bill - we are going to get fucked up!
Fred - pff!

1.b. One may also choose to spell out pff for a more dramatic effect.

Example of Disagreement:
Bill - I am one cool dude!
Fred - P-F-F!
by Rick James February 25, 2005
A term used to say "pretty fucking funny".
That George Lopez comedy show was pff.
by Brianna J. Martinez February 20, 2009
A term used to say "Play For Fun"
Jack:"I really dont wanna go out tonight,im not in the mood"
Lois:"Come on....its going to be great...i promise....just pff"
by Labud April 12, 2009
A type of Train, usually dealing with speed.
The PFF Express is rolling in tonight.
by Anonymosity December 29, 2007
Pussy Fearing Faggot

A dude who would rather hang out with his boys than entertain the possibility of talking to females
Griff: The reason none of you want to come to my sister's party is cuz ur all a bunch of PFFs. Grow a schlong and come get some punani. Let me count the ways, or the number of bitches that ive laid.
by Chinese Takeaway July 27, 2009
Pretty Fat Friend~ the friend of the hot chick that every man has to deal with to get to the girl they want.
Or the not quite hot chick that all super skinny 'I'm fat' girls hang out with to boost their self-esteem.
See definition=You know you know a girl who has at least one pff around her at all times.
by Keebler June 09, 2005

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