pff exclamation of agreement/disagreement.
Example of Disagreement:
Bill - I can fuck that hot chick!
Fred - pff!

Example of Agreement/as good as done:
Bill - we are going to get fucked up!
Fred - pff!

1.b. One may also choose to spell out pff for a more dramatic effect.

Example of Disagreement:
Bill - I am one cool dude!
Fred - P-F-F!
by Rick James February 25, 2005
Platonic Friends Forever. 2 friends who have no desire to ever be romantically involved.
Jack and Jennifer are PFFs.

John and Sarah were PFFs from the time they met.
by bowl of cherries January 13, 2012
Pretend Friends Forever. used when two people act like they're great friends, but then bitch and spread rumors about each other behind their backs. typically used on females.
Kate: Aww girl I love you so much!
Molly: We're gonna be friends forever!

-hour later-

Molly to someone else: oh my god kate is such a whore!

*Someone who overheard both conversations*: damn, Molly and Kate are complete PFFs!
by theatrerocks1432 May 05, 2011
Pretty Fuckin Funny
Spidell. P F F
by R.J. Sipedll November 23, 2011
PFF is an abbreviation for "please fuck faster".
Eve: PFF!
Adam: Sure.
by LithuanianDick March 28, 2010
A term used in admiration of a woman's frame. Abbreviation of 'Pretty Fine Figure'.
Wow check out that chick, she's has such a pff.
by Witch Kia November 05, 2010
PFF is the locals term for the Pensacola Fishing Forum
Have you visited the PFF?
by --==XtReMiSt==-- November 07, 2009

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