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An excessive masturbator.

Same as peter-beater.
"I wonder if that guy walking down the street is a peter beater."
by someone March 18, 2004
An excessive masturbator.

Also peter beater.
I wonder if that guy walking down the street is a peter-beater.
by someone March 18, 2004
this is a toilet/toilet lid that if not held up with a free hand or a leg , will fall down down, usually mid-stream and smack your penis on the way down.
be careful using that toilet, it's a peter beater.
by frank n. beans May 09, 2006
One who beats his peter, meat, dick, etc.
pete the peterbeater inspired the chant, "Pete Pete beats his meat"
by Team Volvo August 22, 2003
Another name for a man's hands.
Hey, check out the peter beaters on that guy! It looks like he's carrying two bunches of bananas!
by mck681s February 29, 2012
A wood stick or rod, used for the specific purpose of beating a person or persons named Peter
Peter, i swear to God dont make me take out my peter beater!
by Stage Crew September 20, 2006
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