a person who gets anything kept on file about them petted.

someone that has alot of information on file kept about them, like issues, trama, disorder, health condition, criminal past. Their files get pet by someone, because they want to pet the petaphile to shus him/her up, and stop them from being an ass.

Kindof feel bad like they were forced to be unfortunate.
Bab is such a petaphile. Look he has so much medicine. They are obviously petting his files up as he is so sad.
by europopian August 23, 2009
Top Definition
Someone who loves their pets more than human beings or, at the extreme, someone willing to kill a human to save a lower animal's life.
Billy Ray blew-up the cosmetic test lab, killing several employees, in order to discourage the company from testing products on lab rats and hairless beagles. He was a total petaphile.
by Whitt March 13, 2007
1.Somebody who has sex with animals because they cannot attract any humans, or they are attracted to animals

2.Pedophile from the PETA
Person: I cant believe youre a petaphile
Petaphile: IDK what you are talking about, dogs are fucking hot!
Person: What the fuck...

Person 1: Did you hear about the PETA member who was found to have trapped children in animal cages for his own sick pleasure?
Person 2: Yeah. I know about that.
Person 1: What a sicko...
Person 2: Dont call me a sicko just cause I have sex with children.
Person 1: I wonder why the PETA didnt do anything about their members problem... wait, WHAT!?
by monkeylx1 January 09, 2008
someone who poses as an animal rights activist only so they can sexually rape young animals
most of PETA are peta-philes
by elvis .... the king,baby December 08, 2003
one who enjoys sexual activity with animals
Since I am a registered PETAphile, I'm not allowed within 200 feet of a Petco.
by Wonka Balls June 21, 2010
A member or supporter of people for the ethical treatment of animals (PETA) who loves animals in the same way pedophiles love children.
Gosh Nicole, you're sister Eve is such a PETAphile, i saw her looking up naughty things on the internet.
by maxeypad09 October 05, 2008
When you take a sexual interest in underage vegetarians or animal rights activists.
Ian Watkins: Hey man, I really want to have sex with that 12 year old. Her supple underage body looks damn fine in that PETA shirt.
Other Band Member: Dude, you're such a fucking Petaphile.
by wensacalacas February 25, 2014
Term made by some lonely looser who had no life and was waiting for his porn to load.
The creator of the term Peta-phile Has nothing better to do than sit around on his soggy Gelatinously Fat Buttox and slash an organization he knows nothing of.
by Patrick,Pagan,Peta April 20, 2007

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