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1. Used to describe someone acting particularly foolish. In many cases this person will be hyperactive or talking in a way that is inappropriate to the circumstances.

2. If someone has taken 'it' much too far, perve may be extended to "in full perversion" in order to emphasize that persons pervitude.

3. Perved, can be used in place of drunk or swirved.

4. pervin' it (alt.) is any combination of the above.
1. Dude, why you got to be such a perve.

2. Wesly was in full perversion last night, as always.

3. Logan got stright perved last night.

4. That kid is always pervin' it so hard.
by Jaminsky March 27, 2005
The physical act of not only inserting ones testicle into another's anus during sex, but keeping it there for as long as possible. Generally anal sex is conducted before doing this in an effort to essentially "loosen things up." This "move" is performed by perves and shady boombastiqua's alike and is only recommended for such types (see shaddy boombastique). People on steroids with something to prove may actually attempt to insert both testicles simultaniously, although many believe this to be impossible (including myself).
*Note: "This shit is hard."
**Note: Keep in mind that you are on your own. Post-coital conversation following this act may be extremely awkward.
"Last night, I (Jon Yi) kept the dog in the bath for like 10 seconds. That shit hurt so bad but isn't it cool that I can say I did it? Isn't that cool?"

"I kept the dog in the bathtub for a personal record of 5 seconds one time. I wasnt walking the next day though."
by Jaminsky March 29, 2005
1. Ginti may be used to describe any backwards or mixed up situation one may encounter.

2. Ginti becomes whatever you want it to be and in some cases may be reduced to "gint."

Ginti was spawned out of a daily jumble that my colleagues and I, for whatever reason, couldn't solve for the life of us. Solution = make up a new word.
Area of origin: Yay Area
1. Eh yo, that shit is hella ginti.

2. Betta watch all that gint you frontin'
2b. Shorty is straight ginti son. Damn.
by Jaminsky March 27, 2005
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