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(noun) The blue or "cold" setting on the air conditioning dial.

Most commonly referenced when referring to the air conditioning in a car.
This car is really hot could you please turn up the pertequack!

Why's the pertequack turned down so low I'm freezing my balls off!

It's like 90 degrees outside, please turn up the pertequack.
by purplepanda2020 November 05, 2010
slang name for the blue line on an air conditioning unit, whether in a car or on a wall unit. Typically used in the South Florida area.
Can you turn the air away from the pertequack?
I always like keeping the air on the pertequack or it gets too stuffy in the car.
Turn the knob more to the pertequack , it's steaming outside.
by jajohnfan2 October 27, 2010
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