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the best thing on the planet. you meet a girl named perrin, your life is complete. shes nice funny pretty and everything a person could ever ask or hope for. EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL DONT LET HER GET AWAY
not to mention she is hot.
and just amazing.
look at that hot person over there

just a typical perrin.
by iseeyourightnow February 10, 2012
Perrin? Uh, the cutest blonde you'll ever meet. Not just cute.. But stunningly gorgeous. Every guy, no joke, wants her. She can't even step outside with out a million little bastards chasing her. She is, the it girl. She's amazing in everyway it's possible for one person to be amazing. She's unique, and quite francally, an angle. She looks at the world.. different than everyone else does. She's insanely forgiving.. And when she says she loves you, she means it with everything she has. She's pretty fucking amazing in bed too, just throwing that out there(; but to sum things up, I'll give you one word of advice. Don't loose your will be the biggest mistake of your life.
Guy 1: Bro did you see that new girl?
Guy 2: Oh, Perrin? Yeah she's a beauty isn't she..
Guy 1: Nah, not just a beauty. She is, breath taking.
by Thetruthneverlies November 01, 2013
A name for kids who beat their friends up
"Did you see Johnny beat up Michael today?"
"Yeah his such a Perrin"
by FagChopzMcGee August 22, 2012
Old English name for "Peter"
Perrin, come for lunch
by ildiii February 11, 2010
A person of low intellect, low self-esteem and low intelligence. A deadbeat. A dimwit. A No-hoper. One who is truly damned to a life of total frustration. Usually they will make a rod for their own backs, being caught out in countless lies and a web of deceit. One who delights in displaying their crass intentions and poor language. Almost always depicted in photographic images, squatting on one knee and cradling a fish of some description. Also prone to bouts of tap-dancing at inopportune moments. Invariably, work-shy. Occasionally a Perrin will be given a 'dead-end job' without having the intelligence to realise it.
Example of correct useage: OMG! Can you smell that fish?

No. Don't be a stupid, ignorant, daft prat-of-a-Perrin! It's a Perrin smelling of fish, you silly Perrin!
by Francis Davies May 12, 2013
In football, to drop an easy pass.
Damn it! I pulled a Perrin, I totally should have had that.
by SuperK All Star May 18, 2007

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