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(adj.) ridiculously perpendicular
The word was first coined in a Math class. It is usually used to refuse the fact that a pair of lines are perpendicular to each other.
A: Finally, I know how to prove those lines perpendicular to each other.
B: No way!!!
A: Look for yourself.
B: Yeah, I see. They're perpendiculous.
by Keen Lam Nguyen August 21, 2008
The state of not being able to snap to a perpendicular line in CAD software when you know it should.
Hey, this lines perpendiculous - it wont snap.
by xybercideon November 23, 2004
Extremely or absurdly straight either spatially or in lidestyle. Derived from combining perpendicular and ridiculous.
He was so perpendiculous that he would not take a small glass of wine as a toast.
by Peter Chuck November 27, 2007
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