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The state of not being able to snap to a perpendicular line in CAD software when you know it should.
Hey, this lines perpendiculous - it wont snap.
by xybercideon November 23, 2004
(adj.) ridiculously perpendicular
The word was first coined in a Math class. It is usually used to refuse the fact that a pair of lines are perpendicular to each other.
A: Finally, I know how to prove those lines perpendicular to each other.
B: No way!!!
A: Look for yourself.
B: Yeah, I see. They're perpendiculous.
by Keen Lam Nguyen August 21, 2008
Extremely or absurdly straight either spatially or in lidestyle. Derived from combining perpendicular and ridiculous.
He was so perpendiculous that he would not take a small glass of wine as a toast.
by Peter Chuck November 27, 2007