When someone either maintains a boner constantly, or gets one countlessly throughout the day.
"Dude, my friend Robert has a perma-boner. We can't go out anywhere without him having to hide it."
by The_Lab_Rat September 22, 2009
Top Definition
An erection that lasts for an extended amount of time
I was hanging out with this hot girl, I had a permaboner for so long that I got blueballs so bad I almost cried
by iateyourcookie June 26, 2008
an unforunate condition in which the jeans a boy wears will always stick out awkwardly in he front.

Unforunatly he will always seem to be wearing those jeans.
"Oh my god look at that huge Permaboner."
Yeah he can't even walk straightwithout knocking something over
Hello ladies, can you get rid of this Permaboner for me??
Help me. it won't go away
by giiiirrl please January 19, 2011
A occurence that is painful in a good way, generally while hanging out with a really attractive person.
God, I had this permaboner the whole time I was with her.
by pwner13 October 20, 2010

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