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A permanent limp caused by a previous accident/break/fracture on the legs/ankles/shins/feet/etc.

A person with a perma-limp has a "funny", special walk often mistaken as a weird strut.

Perma-limps should NOT be mistaken as a swagger.
Lexxy: "Dude! There's Andre, over there!"

Trina: "What? Where? How'd you know that's him?"

Lexxy: "It's his signature perma-limp, you can't miss it."
by lexxy08 October 17, 2010
Far beyond the reaches of "bonerkill", to enter a state of permalimp you must see something (usually a sexual act) so horrifyingly terrible you will be unable to achieve a state of erection for a permanent basis.
After being baited and trapped by a fake link, I was presented with five elderly men commiting an act so terrible, I have gone Permalimp. My girlfriend has left me, I get lol'd at in the locker rooms, my parents have abandoned me, and I have lost all my friends.
by silasam July 02, 2010