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It's just like Lexy, but with two x's.
"That girl is so Lexxy, I want to post about her online."
by LexyAmy January 10, 2009
Some one who hates her job and swears all the time with a huge dick....but she loves her huge dick.shes a bitch, but a nice bitch and rocks all the time....
hey lexxy i know u hate ur job!
by riley bitch August 18, 2009
Name for post of transsexuals that appeal to teen age boys that don't know better.

A lexxy will think they are attractive but look like Rodger Ramjet.

The term is often used in internet speak and sometimes in the western States, notable Denver Colorado were the term originates.
Omg have you seen lexxy she is so hot

Mate that's a lexxy it used to have a cock
by Alaren January 11, 2009
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