While performing submarining,one takes the legs of one's partner and splays them out at 180 degrees and holds them with the hands in order to get a better thrust and ease penetration of the head.
"So while I was submarining your mom,we spread her out wide and then I was periscoping her properly"
by Gashead26 August 07, 2012
Top Definition
The act of whipping the dicc out while fully erect and placing it carefully between the gut and the elastic of your underwear/assorted leg covering. This aids in either concealing the tiny/enormous size of the male anatomy. Males usually partake in this action while either being embarassed by their size or if they for example are asked to come to the front of the classroom for a presentation "at the wrong time".
Ah shit son mah dicc is soo rock hard right now and Mrs. Cocklesuck just called me up to the front of the class to present for show-and-tell. I guess Ill just tuck it like a periscope...also known as periscoping.
by BIG BLACK DICC June 22, 2007
The concealing of an erect penis by folding it behind your waist band, leaving the head of your penis exposed underneath your shirt.
"Woops, I was just about to stretch out my arms but I realized that I was still periscoping."
by The Goodtime Boyz January 04, 2012
the act of walking around an office with cubicles, and peeking over the wall to check out the worker. Usually done by tall male workers who think they are sly.
Effing Dwayne, he spends two hours a day periscoping all the ladies in accounting.
by Johnnie Bee February 02, 2011
The act of giving a blowjob to a man standing up while giving handjobs to 2 men facing the guy in the middle.
I peroscoped your 3 best friends last night.

Periscoping is the new felching.
by MehMehMehMehMehMehMehMeh April 14, 2010
The act of Receiving Fellatio while in a swimming pool, when your body is submerged, but your erect penis is sticking out of the water. Giving the appearance that your dick is a periscope.
Person 1: This girl was periscoping me in the pool last night mane.
Person 2: Nigga wats that?
Person 1: You know she was giving me head in the pool, I was underwater but when I put my dick above water that shit looked like a periscope.
by Jon Braun May 03, 2008
When taking a dump your turd goes down the toilet and still manages to break the surface of the water, resembling a periscope from a submarine.
I just took a dump that was so long it was periscoping.
by stephen sanders November 22, 2006

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