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When the tip of a recently erect penis peeks over the waistband of underwear, shorts or swim trunks.
I was at the beach and saw Jeanie and got a boner that turned into a periscope. Luckily, no one saw.
by brokenresearch July 11, 2013
Oral sex performed on a man with his pants still on and buttoned with the penis pulled through the zippered opening.
Baby we don't have time for a quickie but maybe a pocket trumpet?
by brokenresearch January 16, 2011
Party bus refers to someone, man or woman, with an ass that's built for fun! Ideally someone who drinks towards thickness. You can't have abs and a party bus. They are mutually exclusive.
Chris was out there shaking that party bus all night long.
by brokenresearch October 27, 2015

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