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a political nerd - a politician that is as out of his or her element on a topic as badly as a nerd is in a social situation. Indications of "perdiness' are trying to support her or his position with twisted logic, illogical science, or an anecdote to distort the truth.
Marsha Blackburn, the Vice Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, tried to deny global climate change by quoting the increase in carbon dioxide in parts per million numbers and calling it a slight increase when it actually represents a 25 percent increase. What a perd!
by UpNDown February 19, 2014
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1. perd (noun)used as a sustitute for traditional name use in backwards comunities. Can be complimentary or derogatory. To be honest knowbody really knows what it means.
Also used in Boogie Nights
Buck talking to Schrum would say "whoa perd I heard you got another DUI"
by Greg Eveland April 28, 2003
A slang term for what one would describe as a "redneck". Also used as a name for friends.
Did you see that perd got new whips on his Ford?" "I heard Ashley is dating that perd. What a lucky perd nugget!
by Perdnugget May 08, 2011
When you have no idea what someone is trying to say, or when you are clueless about a subject.
Person A : 'My new computer chipset is compatible....'
Person B : 'What, Perd!'


Teacher :' The nucleus of the particle of the proton...'
Student :' Hahaha, i know this one, perd!!'
by MolesteDieKakDuif April 28, 2006

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