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The ultimate utility word, with roots in Highland-Glaswegian stoner slang, being capable of nounage, verbiage and adjectiveness within the one sentence. The influences of rasta is cuss is also evident within its use in the vernacular.
Perchose! (greeting)
Perchose me as such! (greeting)
Perchoser. (a heinous waster or professional musician)
Perchosement (A state of intoxication)
He perchosed his oats. (He got laid)
I was totally perchosed. (Having spent days on end on the session.)
Perchosed. (To have vomited due to high cannabis intake.)
Perchose I that joint. (Pass the dro'.)
Perchose yourself from mental slavery none but ourselves can perchose our mind. (perchosement song)
by eoghann June 14, 2006
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