A byproduct of a sexual encounter between two other people.
Every single person you know only exists because two other people boinked, including those two other people, and the two other people whose liason resulted in their existence, ad infinitum.
by Mike the Ekim October 06, 2008
Viruses of the planet known as earth. Even though we don't perfer to call us the following things, we are:
Who are only concerned about our well being and rarely take concern onto other's well being. We are not the smartest things on earth, we were just lucky to be blessed with thumbs and a flexible body. If you're reading this, you are selfish, you can only read this on your computer (Unless you actually bought an urban dictionary)Do you even know what the computer is, all the hell some people had to go through to bring you this wonder.

But it's our problems that make us unique. Maybe you'll look back at this message and change your life just alittle bit, to lessen the amount of shame on the human race.
an:People are one of natures wonders
Joe:So are viruses
by a messenger August 24, 2007
A word that, contrary to popular belief, is a real word. 'Persons' counts individuals, 'People' is more of a collective noun.
This elevators can carry 10 persons.
by LuckyTrixter October 05, 2009
Capable of creating the greatest beauty or the worst misery.

Although many on the internet joke (or not) about how bad we are, humans are really one of the most amazing results of evolution. We have created (and destroyed) so much, and yet we get by.
"Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart."
-Anne Frank

"That's all we do—always beginning again! Over and over again. Always beginning again."
-Sabina, from "The Skin of Our Teeth"
by DetectableNinja January 13, 2011
the whole body of person's constituting
a community,tribe,race,or nation.
the whole world is full of people no matter what race,age,look,field.
by crystal,quitta October 26, 2003
: Also featured in "Grey's Anatomy", a person is a trusting friend who helps you out a lot and is just always there for you.
Girl 1: I can trust you with anything, your my person.

Girl 2: Aw, thanks!
by Black123 October 06, 2009
beings that are bound to do nothing in there lifetime
you are a person
by sam p December 10, 2003
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