Someone in possession of remarkably unpleasant qualities. Someone who you wish to smack repeatedly.
Bleh, he's such a penis poo. He wore high-nylon-content plaid and drank from urinals.
by Steph January 25, 2004
Top Definition
The fluid that is ejaculated out of the penis during orgasm.
after the blowjob, he blew penispoo all over her body
by knoxvillee March 31, 2008
Going anal without a condom.
Dude, wear a condom.
by sukebe January 27, 2004
Poo that comes out of your penis.
I went to take a poo...then something went terribly wrong and Penis Poo happened.
by AyyJ March 06, 2009
something that alex poulin and andy taylor say
PENIS POO!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! it makes no sense...
by wanting to Fuck me April 16, 2004
The poo smeared onto the penis after anal sexing.
So dude, I pulled out after poking her fart box and there was penis poo residue all over me member. So naturally I had her lick it off.
by JewyMcJewJew777 October 29, 2015
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