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The fluid that is ejaculated out of the penis during orgasm.
after the blowjob, he blew penispoo all over her body
by knoxvillee March 31, 2008
5 0
Going anal without a condom.
Dude, wear a condom.
by sukebe January 27, 2004
15 13
Poo that comes out of your penis.
I went to take a poo...then something went terribly wrong and Penis Poo happened.
by AyyJ March 06, 2009
9 9
something that alex poulin and andy taylor say
PENIS POO!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! it makes no sense...
by wanting to Fuck me April 16, 2004
3 6
Someone in possession of remarkably unpleasant qualities. Someone who you wish to smack repeatedly.
Bleh, he's such a penis poo. He wore high-nylon-content plaid and drank from urinals.
by Steph January 25, 2004
5 10