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What you give a girl to get rid of her "headache"
My bitch didn't feel so good, so I gave her a shot of penisillin.
by longdongjimmyjohn June 11, 2003
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Penis Illin' = a male STD that can be cured with penicillin.
DR. ROGER MOORE, UROLOGIST: Gee, Billy Bob, it seems you have some Penis Illin' goin' on here.

BILLY BOB: Oh my dog, Dr., am I gonsta die?

DR.: No Billy Bob.

BILLY BOB: Am I gonsta get my Peter whacked off?

DR.: Not by me Billy Bob. This aint no Peter Graves, it's just a Peter Boyle. A little penicillin and you'll be AOK.

BILLY BOB: Thanks Doc!

DR.: Billy Bob, you have seven wives. You haven't been seeing a prostitute have you?

BILLY BOB: No, I was just fucking Kelly in the butt without a rubber. And I fell asleep right away and didn't wash up until the next morning. It hurt when I peed, and my piss shot a poop plug out of my weiner. Now it's all red and pussie, as you can see!

DR.: You lucked out this time boy. You better use a condom next time! Did you fuck any of your wives AFTER the buttfucking incident?

BILLY BOB: Yep. All seven.

DR.: Oh my God, Billy! You better send them all in ASAP!
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what happens to your junk after fuckin' a skank.
I banged a two dolla' ho, now my penis illin' and i need penicillin.
by verbalvomit2003 July 09, 2003
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What imma be givin' yer mom tomorrow night
oh baby oh baby I need yer penisillin
by your benefactor November 21, 2003
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Term usede to describe a male sexual organ that is in poor health. Derived from "penis" combined with the street slang term for something bad or broken, "illin."
That case of syphilis has got your penisillin.
by Led Zeppole November 23, 2003
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