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one who licks another penis.. deskusting fuckers do this because they can not get a woman.. see faggot
Faggot queerbait doushbag
by Lauren BITCH March 23, 2005
24 50
My brother
He's the biggest penis licker
by Rectum rocker May 15, 2009
93 42
faggot, homo, gay. Stripping one of his man hood.
Damn Mike is a real penis licker today.
by xlmafia March 10, 2003
47 35
A penislicker is one who licks penis] on a regular basis, or one who enjoys such activity immensely.
NATHAN: John, you're such a fucking penislicker.
JOHN: Go to hell Nathan.
by John Q. Nixon October 29, 2008
10 0
some one who licks a pedestrians penis in secret, trying to remain unnoticed while still enjoying the taste of the strangers penis.
Dude i was standing on the sidewalk and waiting for the bus, when i noticed a penislicker on my dick!
by randomcrapping March 23, 2011
4 1
see: Nipple Dickerson
Oh my god you're a penis licker!! What the flip you freaking idiot!!
by Girum Ibssa March 31, 2005
27 30