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1.thin strip of skin that seperates two peni when a female is engaged in double penetration.
Dude, if there wasn't this penis buffer between us I'd be gay.

by bob lopez January 06, 2006
Someone who go in and makeout with a girl or lick her pussy right after she had sex with another guy.
Eddie: hey babe your vagina taste funny today...
Some Whore: ohh really? I've had alot of salt... =S
Eddie: why is there this long ass pube here?
Some Whore: it's not yours???
Eddie: no I shaved... like a bald eagle
Some Whore: ohhh it umm must be from my head...

Other guy hiding in the cupboard using all of his muscle in his body... trying not to laugh at the fact that "eddie" has just tasted his juice.

i.e eddie is a penis buffer
by Random7410 May 03, 2008
When watching a porno or other adult video online when it halts to buffer the video unfortunately to the image of a man's penis.
"I was trying to watch Star Whores but since my internet is slow, I got penis buffered by OG Wang Can Do ME"
by tombearrr August 31, 2011
one who buffs up the penis by sucking on it, aka spit shine
dammit them queers are all penis buffers
by reno April 21, 2005
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