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How the sexy Benedict Cumberbatch pronounces "Penguin"
"So why are these woodlands so attracted to pengwings? A fresh water stream through the forest makes a handy highway for a parent pengwing heading home from a fishing trip"
by The Dalek Asylum December 02, 2014
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A person from Caltra (W. Ireland) who due to their thick accent and ill education find it difficult to pronounce the word Penguin.
Doug: Hey Dan who was your favourite Batman villain

Dan: Weaagh!! The Pengwing!!!
by Harpy's Tears March 16, 2007
term used to describe flightless aquatic birds from the south pole in MMORPG such as world of warcraft. it has a cute connotation.
nightelf: awww your pet pengwing is so cute! where'd u get him?

dwarf: he wuz 500g at the AH!!!
by blueturnip November 07, 2008

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