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someone you will be with for forever
and that you love dearly.
vaughn is jessica's pengin

jessica is vaughn's pengin
#pengin #love #forever #in love #aww
by Jesssica October 05, 2006
A Chinpokomon featured on South Park, Chinpokomon are the Japanese crazy toys that are the equivalent to the American version of Poke'mon.
Let's battle my Jujunesbee against your Pengin
#chinpokomon #pengin #south park #roostor #balls
by Roostor August 29, 2010
1.Japanese for penguin

2.a cuter way of saying penguin

3.what happens when a lazy person types penguin
example 1: "mami! PENGIN!"
example 2: "aww kawaii pengin! ^^"
example 3: "ye dude i sw tht pengin ystrdy 2"
#penguin #cute #different #japanese #lazy person
by whyhellothare April 03, 2010
1.A cute way of saying penguin.

2.What comes out when a lazy person trys to type penguin.
"I love pengins"said the girl as she was shopping at Claires.

"I saw pengins at the zoo" slowly typed the lazy 40 year old that lived in his mom's basement.
by MargueriteAntoinette March 19, 2004
A strong smell.
Blud, That weed is pengin.

Yo, peters pengin, smells like he hasnt had a wash for weeks
#cheese bud #weed #b.o #poo #green
by KRZmzk August 16, 2008
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