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1. To cheat, by adding more points than deserved in a game (like DOMINOES.)

2. To write down more points than deserved in a game (like DOMINOES.)
You have to watch that dude. He tried to pencil-whip when he's getting beat real bad.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant November 20, 2006
The act of falsifying documents for work that was in fact not really done at all. see gundecking
Instead of doing the job as required, the mechanic pencilwhipped the paperwork, so his boss would think he really did the job.
by Paul Boring September 16, 2006
1. To mark off a check list as complete without reading or doing any of the items on the list.

2. Checks resembling marks that left by a bull whip.

3. To blindly mark a checklist of items without reading or doing
The accident happened because John pencil-whipped the Pre-flight check list and didn't check the hatch.
by darkguardian January 05, 2012
The act of untruthful scoring in golf.
Jeff Kuhns. When in a tournament you shoot a 76 but you "pencil whip" your competitor by making him sign a 72 on your scorecard. A.K.A. the Jeff Kuhns Special.
by Mike Watts August 11, 2008

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