the best vocab word in the world for obvious reasons.
penal sounds like penis
by holly the ginger kid. June 28, 2007
Top Definition
For the purpose of punishing and/or containing criminals.
(You thought it meant something else, didn't you!) ;)
Penal colony
Penal system
by BlastMaster June 18, 2003
Word used in the town of Sombor, Serbia. It means great, super, cool.
Tvoja nova frizura je baš penal!

Your new haircut is really penal (great)!
by TrashyBabe. January 11, 2010
Another shortened term for anal penetraion with ones penis
Dave: "Hey Cat, would you like some Penal?"

Cat: "Yes, i would love it up the bum right now!"
by dathpeawal June 26, 2010
When the penis is inserted in the anal region.
Male: " Can we go penal?"
by It's pretty funny June 02, 2016
Male genitals. Used as an alternative to the word penis.
Also can be used as a verb, penalise.
My penal is in bits at the moment after that insertion.
Im going to penalise the next guy who looks at me.
by Kozakster 5000 September 08, 2010
The other white meat.
Penal: A.K.A. Reverse term for vaginal.
by Rainbows Jumpping Unicorns July 22, 2009
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