Desperate spinster's wish for eligible, edible and mailable male preferably with a bachelor's decree and suitably adorned with a bachelor's degree.
I've conclusively comte to the comclusion that eligible bachelors are simply an illusion, so I am writing the despertae spinsters veritable good guide dedicated to all pemis on how to give blow jobe to carrots,begginers; dildos,intermediate; vibrators,advanced and last, but not leaked broomsticks,honours bachelor.
by Hercolena Oliver May 04, 2008
Top Definition
1)a typo commonly made by those who rush to get to the "penis" entries to giggle like sissies at the 125+ definitions; synonyms include pebis, punis, penid, pines, etc.
let's loik up pemis in the dixtiomary
by Thomas Hersh February 03, 2004
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