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Sweat, or sweat marks visible on clothing.
I can't believe the humidity! I've got arse pelch up the ying-yang
by drew christx June 06, 2005
The revolutionary Rap group; a bus driver; something invincible to death
damn pelch's mixtape is crazy

damn pelch has a long beard

man im pelch bullets aint doin shit
by tupac777 February 27, 2007
The sexual action of pelching is to punch then seamen out of a womens vagina or ass. It is an alternitive to felching, often used when men are grossed out by their own sperm in their mouth.

Waring : Pelching may result in a hurt, crying, or severly bruised sexual counterpart.
girl : Come on baby, felch it right now!

Guy : ew no way i dont want to taste that....i can pelch it ;).

by comic1212 June 22, 2010
To excrete fecal matter.
I'm away to pelch a jobby.
by James the Beaver July 10, 2008
to take back a move in a game, usually to the annoyance or disapproval of fellow players
Andy: Can I pelch that?

Sally: No! Two people have had turns since yours.

Andy: That's not fair. I want to do something different.

Sally: Don't be a sore loser.
by Dairyllama October 14, 2015

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