Pronounced: puh-jiy-nus.
* Inspired by the "Prgnant Man" meaning an Enlarged Clitoris
Now that I wanna be a man, instead of getting the surgery Imma take some testostorne pills and enlarge my clit thereby creating...A PEGINAS
by Matt Attack May 28, 2008
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When a penis grows with a vagina on the tip instead of a regular pee hole.
Wow Sam! Your pegina is hott!
by heedyhutsfinger January 22, 2011
During the act of sexual intercourse, when the penis and the vagina touch. This act forms the pegina complex ( similar to the sigma factor on RNA pol). Later, when the pegina complex seperates, it becomes known as its two seperate parts- the penis and the vagina.
Hey baby, let's you and me make a pegina!
by chummo September 23, 2006
When a man has a very small penis, much like a large clitoris, thus looking like a cross between a penis and a vagina.
"Ewww, look at michael's penis, its so small it resembles a pegina!"
by Charlie7 July 13, 2009
the cross between penis and vagina
a person who has half of a penis and half of a vagina combined
by christine February 12, 2005
She has a pegina.
by bling bling October 14, 2003
A.) An irreversible deformity in the genital region producing a small penile structure protruding from a vaginal cavity. These deformities have been known to grow as large as 6'4 middle linebackers.

B.) Also used to describe a magical, mythical creature. Believed to inhabit tiny old lamps, legend says when the pegina is rubbed right, a gooey substance is exploded into the rubbee providing them with three magical wishes.
"I fought through the sea of pegina to get to my next class."
by Ryan Nannee December 06, 2006
(n) Someone who is both a dick and a pussy.
W is a total pegina.
by gaybles April 04, 2009

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