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Someone who walks into a Peets coffee shop asking for a tall skinny frappucino with chocolate dinosaur shaped sprinkles.
Peetnik: Hi, welcome to peet's coffee, how can I help you?
Peetard: (on cell phone)I'll have a tall skinny frappucino
Peetnik: We don't carry frappucinos, but we have a similar ice blended drink called a freddo, would you like a medium with nonfat milk?
Peetard:(puts down cell phone) what!? no TALL, SKINNY,FRA-PPUU-CINOO! and i need extra chocolate sprinkles! --in dinosaur shapes!!
Peetnik: Sorry ma'am, you're not in starbucks, this is PEET'S Coffee and Tea, look around you.
Peetard: OH My god, i'm so retarded! i just walked to a corner and expected to be inside of a starbucks cause they are literally on every corner of this world, why is this here? i'm so confused,why am i here? the walls seem to be shrinking. Are they shrinking? why is there classical music? am i dying? things are too simple and pure here, i don't want to die. God,Why!!???!! i crave the sugar!
by ebolabobbet February 27, 2008
Noun. Person (usually teenage girl) who is obsessively in love with the character Peeta Mellark from the Hunger Games books and movies. Sometimes seen carrying posters that read "I love Peeniss."
Josh Hutcherson got mobbed by a band of Peetards.
by Harrylovesjeni June 20, 2012
Peeing one's pants in an unfortunate situation.
Someone who thought the drop of fear was for sight seeing. Peed his pants on the way down. The pee hit the people in the line. Peee - tard!
by Kevee March 02, 2005
Somone who has to go to the bathroom a lot and/or has a small bladder.
Kayla's such a peetard, she looked like she was about to piss herself when she ran into the bathroom!
by Wail Halls September 03, 2006
nickname for "pete wentz" of fall out boy.
peetard plays the bass in fall out boy.
by bob1231232312312 September 05, 2007

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