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When something is hard to believe.
When you disagree with something someone is doing or saying.
"I heard that Jenny was going with Mark to the social."
"Peeshaw, he asked Mary like a month ago."
by Tessa Marie March 17, 2006
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1.) Referring to an expression or expressions that a person has thought of a sarcastic remark made instead of verbalized which will make it easier for the person to sum it all up in one word.

2.) Usually meaning Yeah right
1.)"So today I would like for you to take out the trash..." "Pee-shaw" (yeah, right im sure that your talking about me) or

2.) "You make me smile." "Pee-shaw" (Yeah right)
by Janet Boyxlyn July 16, 2010
BULLSHIT (hey, I first posted the word, so this isn't bad)
"Yo bro is commin home from juvie? Pee-shaw!"
by That Bum April 30, 2005
a word used to show emotion such as excitement, understanding, frustration, or anger. To add extra meaning one could add Da Beeshaw and the end.
"Do you understand whats going on Timmy?"
"Timmy, your dog died"
"OH! Peshaw da Beeshaw!"
by eljosho07 October 26, 2007

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