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a phrase that the weak minded use to donate the fact that they did something stupid as hell because "all their friends where doing it" and they "just wanted to be cool".
weak minded teenagers suffer from this alot, constantly doing retarded ass shit because their friends are doing it.
peer pressure is an excuse for the weak.
by Jim October 01, 2005
n. intangible pressure to be the equal or better of your peers.
Masculine peer pressure in the ghetto neighborhoods of some black areas demands that a male be a father before he is sixteen. That is why Tyrone started have sex at eleven and fathered his first child at thirteen.
by Richard Black May 06, 2005
the dam thing that causes you to eat a super giant burrito that is 2 feet long and about 10 cm in diameter even though you can not handle it all in your stomach.
aww... so full... fucking peer pressure...
by geeimatree April 19, 2006
A chant that is used by a large group on a single person to convince them to do anything. The chant is as follows: "PEER PRESSURE, PEER PRESSURE, PEER PRESSURE, PEER PRESSURE..." and is repeated until the person of which the the chant is aimed caves in to the noise and number of peers.
PEER PRESSURE is pronounced: peer (mid range tone), pressure (high tone) and the "r" from the peer often runs into the "p" from the pressure.
I never want to do a beer bong again! The only reason I did it that time is because of that stupid peer pressure chant!
by peer pressure'er May 18, 2008
A group Jedi mind trick.

How the government ensures that you think only the way that they want you to think (i.e. "Satanically").The second you say something that the government doesn't want you to think then people start to peer pressure you until you fall back in line with the mind of the state.
They've made sure that every situation is a social situation with lots of your peers there to keep you "thinking" they way that you are supposed to (hail Santa! O_o/' ).

peer pressure is fucked!
by Satan is gay! March 13, 2005
an all powerful force that keeps us from learning from other's mistakes
Jim's uncle died of lung cancer, but its just this once, and all of his friends are lighting up.
by lankybrown December 02, 2004
When one of your friends announces he or she has to pee, and suddenly you have to pee, too.
I thought I could make it the whole flight without going to the bathroom, but when Nicole and Eric went, I really started feeling the pee-r pressure.
by shnaa March 28, 2011
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