Brainwashing technique where the government plays us off eachother in order to prevent us from thinking freely and originally for ourselves.
OMG you must conform to how the group thinks.

You've all been INSTITUTIONALLY BRAINWASHED by Satanists!!
by You fuckin idiots March 13, 2005
When someone genetically superior to you wants you to stop being a fucking pussy and wants you to step outside the box of your average and mostly boring life, and do something that in the end everyone knows if going to be a good time.
Dave to Drew:

Dave: Come on Drew lets get shitfaced tonight
Drew: I don't think i'm going to drink tonight
Dave: You're being a fucking pussy, let future Drew worry about the consequences (peer pressure)

Drew: Alright man ill drink a little
#beer #pressure #peer #pussy #shitfaced
by PressureKing September 10, 2012
The pressure you get from people who nag at you all day to do what your peers do to relieve stress and some of that pressure.
He smoked weed all day every day with his friends to relieve the peer pressure he felt from his parents giving him shit all day.
#parents #pressure #stress #marijuana #peers #relief #high
by Crushereagle February 26, 2010
a song by punk-rock group (hed)p.e.
Peer pressure is 45 seconds kickass track,dude!
#song #peer #pressure #presshure #hed
by JazzJack October 05, 2006
doing something you don't want to do because your force to do it. (the pressure)
from the movie friday:

I don't think Smokey
wanted to go in there,

but peer pressure's
a motherfucker.
#peer #pressure #friday #movie #ice cube
by LayD January 12, 2007
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