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when your sack is put over your butthole and an arrow is shot threw it.
someone with asshole qualities or is being a real dick head.
Dont make me peepoo your ass!
Eric was being a real peepoo the other day.
by John July 24, 2004
This is when you have to go to the bathroom so bad. That when you sit down on the toilet everything just comes out at once.
Last night when I got home I ran to the toilet and peepooed like a bitch.
by sharp-shank June 23, 2009
Peepee, poopoo, and poopee are all valid words/nouns, therefore, peepoo must also exist.
Derek: What's the square root of 45743276257?
Me: Peepoo!

Travis: Ew! WTF did I just step in?!
Me: Peepoo!
by G.G. August 24, 2007
The act of the dump. Defecation. A refined definition of poopy or poo pee. Generally used by the high brow crowd due to it's higher accuracy of the actual chain of events.
Mort - "Wow, that poo pee was one of my bests. I could have sworn, the flys were on it before it left me."
Sol - "How many time do I have to tell you..."
Mort - "Oh right, it's pee poo, I did pee first. Forgive me Sol."
by Adison13 January 22, 2010
the area between where you pee and poo
god, my pee poo really hurts cause I'm on my period!
by oopeep January 14, 2010
A very wet liquidy form of feces. First exemplified in:

You Suck at Photoshop #2: Covering Your Mistakes @ 3 minutes and 43 seconds
"And maybe your cat actually pees shit. Which is what our cat does, it's kind of weird. So lets get a pee poo color..."
by Nerdious November 14, 2008
when you pee and poo at the same time
when you are really busting for the loo, you get there just in the nick of time and then it all kind of just gushes out altogether
by woop woop beep beep March 13, 2005
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