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its a pipe of any sort in the americanized mexican culture.
T weso was shmoking the peepa last night and looked like a first base coach he was so itchy.
#pipe #bong #tube #steamroller #pipa
by V dux August 28, 2007
a female gut. the equivalent of a 'beer belly' or 'beer gut' for a woman. << Spanish 'pipa' (Puerto Rico, Colombia, Dominican Republic)
An older woman who doesn't exercise will have a peepa.
by Tonius Ornelas April 06, 2003
Another word for a meth pipe. Slang for a glass pipe
What happened to the peepa? Who has the peepa?
#peep-a #peep #pipe #speed #glass dick #meth #crank #shit #oil burner
by DJ Indika August 14, 2008
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