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When you have to pee really bad and you're talking about it.
by Princess Crime Mob January 11, 2005
needing to go pee
used in a sentence{Go pee or your peeness will fall out.}
by Rachel December 11, 2003
An incredible urge to urinate
A peeness suddenly came over me and I had to rush to the toilet
by affleck April 29, 2009
(noun) smell of extremely, disgusting pee that comes from guy's bathrooms

(noun) state you're in when something sucks
1. this sucks! PEE-NESS

2. *walking pass boys bathroom
"what's that smell? ewww its....PEE-NESS"
by bugirlito3 September 01, 2011
A word a person uses who's to chicken to say penis, or is to stupid to know how to spell penis. Or have a small penis themselves and named it "pee ness" to make it sound larger, fail.
person 1: HeY lOoK AT MY PEE NESS
person 2: you mean penis? what are you 2?
by pedo1245 May 23, 2011