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A sexual technique favored by dirty fast food eating women. Not to be confused with McPenis filet.
Dip dip dive, I like my niggas on the side, the bitches call me McPenis surprize.
by BigDickDan February 05, 2005
This is one of the aliases of new rap artist BigDickDan. Please note, alias may be subjected to change without notification.
What uuuuuuuup
Big Toker!?
by BigDickDan February 05, 2005
The action pertaining to a pussy crook, or mad pimp. Sneeky fuckers are included in this category.
Man, that girl has a boyfriend, you shouldn't have done her. That was a pussy feliny my friend.
by BigDickDan February 05, 2005
High peeness refers to Happiness in a sexual way. i.e. the erected state of the male genitals.
What do I want in life? High-peeness, just like everyone else.
by BigDickDan February 05, 2005
This constitutes last minute frenzied shopping. To cope with the previous statement, alcohol is introduced to alieviate stress and inhibit relenting feelings to dish out large sums of cash for gifts. Include buddies.
1. “Well, the gift seemed like a good idea at the time.”

2. "You bought your mom racy lingerie? The hell were you thinking?" Uh...dunno, booze-n-shop?

3. "Whoop whoop! It's the third annual baby!!"
by BigDickDan February 05, 2005

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